Conquest for Safety: Leadership Required


Conquest for Safety: Leadership Required

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Leaders are made, not born and that includes safety leaders.  Many people are passionate about safety; passion is only one of several aspects of safety leadership.  The world needs more good leaders and industry needs more safety leaders.  In the pages of this book you will find concepts of leadership to become a successful leader.  Some of the ideas are ‘classic’ and some are ‘cutting edge.’  Additionally you will learn about five critical elements to sustain safety.  Those elements of safety leadership are:

·      Values

·      Vision/Goals

·      Commitment

·      Communications

·      Networking

Don’t just read this book, but take time to ponder how the ideas apply to you, discuss what these ideas look like in your organization, and apply them to your work.  After all is said and done, join us in creating a workplace where it is difficult to get hurt.

About the authors:

The Potters work every day towards the conquest for safety, with a dedication borne of their faith, family, friends, and the clients they serve.  Preventing workplace injuries is their occupational calling in life and they know that they do not want to see their family, friends, and clients experience injuries while making a living.

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